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Jeremy Hugh Aston completed his academic career in the United Kingdom: Master of Arts (MA) at the Royal College of Art, London 1996; Bachelor of Arts (BA) Design for Industry at Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1994. Since then, he has collaborated with several international companies gaining experience in many areas. In 1997 he co-founded Simpli Design and together with his team has designed many projects for well known brands, innovating products, furniture and interiors.

The purpose of this gallery is to introduce some of these projects that can be found on the market today and are available to purchase.

Cloogy by ISA - Products for smart living
Designed in 2010/12 for ISA.
Cloogy is a family of products that work together as an energy management solution that allows you to monitor and control energy consumptions in your home or office.
(www.cloogy.com) (www.shop.cloogy.com/pt/cloogy-go)
MBOX - Multimedia Furniture
Designed in 2011 for Mbox.
Mbox is a furniture concept that offers an innovative solution to display, manage and store multimedia equipment.
(www.mbox-furniture.com) (info@mbox-furniture.com)
Only - Domotic Touch Panels
Designed in 2008 for Enancer.
Domotics is a technology that enables the control and management of all house systems (security, climatization, sound, lighting, shutters, etc.) simplifying your life.
(www.only-pt.pt) (info@only-pt.pt)
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Paularte - Torian furniture
Designed in 2005 for Paularte.
A new concept for contempory furniture for the home, combining the traditional methods of wood with modern techniques, resulting on pieces of great quality.
(www.paularte.com) (geral@paularte.com)
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Levira - ibo office furniture
Designed in 2003 for Levira.
An enlightening range of office tables and accessories, using rich materials with immaculate finishes, resulting in innovative surfaces for creative people.
(www.levira.pt) (geral@levira.pt)
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AMI - Datacar (Reflex)
Designed in 2007 for AMI.
On-board computer, thermo ticket dispenser and card reader (RFID) for public transport, designed to manage routes and control passenger rotation.
(www.ami.pt/datacar) (info@ami.pt)
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X64 - XRT700 Series Wireless Terminal
Designed in 2002 for X64.
XRT700 is a versatile and lightweight wireless terminal used in catering and hospitality due to its functionality and ease of use.
(www.x64.com) (compras@x64.com)
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